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Marybel Good

Founder and Board Member

Marybel has been an advocate for girls and women with Turner syndrome since her daughter’s birth in 2000. Frustrated by a lack of resources for families, Marybel formed a support group in 2010 which evolved into Turner Syndrome Colorado in 2016.  She worked with providers at Children’s Hospital Colorado to develop the eXtraOrdinary Kids Turner Syndrome Clinic program which began in 2015. Marybel also co-founded Turner Syndrome Global Alliance (TSGA), a national nonprofit organization working to increase research and resources on TS.

Erica Haag

Board Member

Erica is a Nutrition Therapist and lives with her husband, Sean, and daughter, Kaiya, in Evergreen, Colorado. Erica served as President of Turner Syndrome Colorado for four years. Kaiya was diagnosed with Mosaic Turner Syndrome prior to her birth in 2010. The family spent the first 3 years of Kaiya's life going from specialist to specialist, trying to find the best care for her. A stroke of luck led them to the local Turner Syndrome community and they have been involved ever since. Through the local community they were introduced to the Turner Syndrome Clinic at Children's Hospital in Denver. This clinic and the local TS community showed Erica and her family that the support that is needed is readily available. They are thankful for the guidance offered by the local community!

Kelsey Smith


Kelsey is a Colorado native and currently lives in Bailey, Colorado. She has been a special education teacher for over 10 years.  Currently, she teaches at an elementary school in Jeffco Public Schools.  In addition to teaching at the elementary level, Kelsey is also an Adjunct Instructor at Red Rocks Community College. Kelsey attended the University of Northern Colorado for both her undergraduate and graduate degree.

Kelsey was diagnosed with Mosaic Turner syndrome at birth. In September 2018, she published her first book titled, This is Me! My Journey with Turner Syndrome. It was while she was writing her book that she was connected with Turner Syndrome Colorado. TSCO played such a positive role in her Turner syndrome journey, and she is very grateful to be in a position where she can now give back to the organization. Kelsey has served on the Board of Directors of TSCO since March 2019 and is extremely honored to be the current President. To contact Kelsey, please email:

Karen Regan

Clinic Representative

Karen is a Registered Nurse at Children's Hospital Colorado. She has worked with the eXtraOrdinary Kids Clinic for 12 years and has specialized knowledge regarding Turner Syndrome and other XY chromosomal aneuploidies. She also has experience with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Fragile X Syndrome and Developmental Disabilities. Karen has been a nurse for 22 years and is excited to continue to serve TS families to the best of her ability.

Laura Maugel

Board Member

Laura Maugel lives with her husband Mike and daughter Meghan in Denver, Colorado. Meghan was diagnosed in utero with TS and connected with TS Colorado shortly after birth. Laura joined the board in 2017 and loves being able to help families connect with each other and celebrate their amazing daughters. Laura and her family enjoy hiking, skiing, camping, and watching Meghan embrace the great outdoors.

Jessica Budahn

Board Member

Bio Coming Soon!

Laurel Martinez

Board Member

Laurel lives with her husband, 2 cats, and a dog in Thornton, Colorado. She is a 4th grade teacher and loves to share her passion for education and neurodivergence. She was diagnosed at birth but it wasn't until adulthood that she was connected with TSC. She is incredibly grateful that she did and is honored to be a part of this community. Laurel joined the board in 2024 and is thrilled to have the opportunity to continue the mission of connecting women and families with the tools and resources they need.

Diedre Lock

Board Member

Bio coming soon!

Mary Rose Masters

Board Member

Mary Rose Masters is 22 years old. She was born with turners syndrome and grew up in Lafayette, Colorado. She currently work in hospitality and will be graduating with a degree in international business this May, 2024. She has done various types of volunteer work previously for the Anderson College of Business and Computing. She been involved in a few of the TS Colorado studies, and has been seeing specialist doctors for turners that are connected with TS Colorado since she was diagnosed before birth. She and her family have been connected with TS Colorado for many years and she is excited to be able to contribute even more to the community that has helped her so much.

Xan Davidson

Board Member

Bio coming soon!