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The Clinic

The eXtraOrdinary Kids Turner Syndrome Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado treats children, adolescents and young adults with Turner syndrome (TS) from across the country. Some adult services are also available.  At the Clinic, families will meet experts who specialize in caring for girls with TS, using a unique multidisciplinary approach to address the medical, developmental and psychological needs of girls with Turner syndrome.

The Turner Syndrome Clinic is held once a month. Because every child with Turner syndrome is unique, appointments are tailored to meet the specific needs and concerns of each patient and her family. This includes selecting the best provider for your child based on your concerns, your child’s age, previous evaluations and current interventions.

Clinic History

The eXtraOrdinary Kids Turner Syndrome Clinic is the result of a partnership between family advocates and health care professionals working together to create a vision for coordinated care for girls with TS.  Since 2012, the local family group has supported the Clinic and TS research with donations of more than $220,000. These funds helped cover the start-up costs of the Clinic as well as continue to pay the salary of the Clinic Coordinator. 

The Clinic began in May 2015 and is now under the leadership of Dr. Shanlee Davis.  The Clinic is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals who seek to address all of the health and social needs of patients with TS.  At the same time, family members from Turner Syndrome Colorado are often present to provide information on our local group and offer parent-to-parent support.
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